A Pop-Up Shoe Store is Coming to Plattsburgh - Champlain Centre


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A Pop-Up Shoe Store is Coming to Plattsburgh

Published: 06/15/2022

The Warehouse Sale announced they are opening a pop-up shoe store in Champlain Centre from June 17, 2022 to June 26, 2022.


What makes The Warehouse Sale so special:

The Warehouse Sale is special because of the value offered. They have a selection unrivaled by any other shoe or department store, with prices well below retail standards. They deliver you closer to accessible, affordable, sustainable brand name fashion in a way that other retailers cannot match.


Why only a pop-up as opposed to a permanent store here?

  • Cost saving system – The Warehouse Sale can pass along an incredible value on brand name shoes to customers.


  • More space, more shoes – Due to the huge warehouse spaces they lease, they’re able to offer more inventory and provide a larger selection than an average store. They bring in over 20,000+ pairs of brand name men’s, women’s, and kids’ shoes to each location.


  • Traveling deals – Finally, it’s exciting! Because it’s temporary, it feels more like an event than it does a store.