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Season of Giving inspires a local hobby shop owner

Published: 12/18/2020

Plattsburgh, New York – Greg Nephew, owner of Lake City Hobbies inside Champlain Centre mall, has many reasons to be grateful this year. Lake City Hobbies had to shut its doors temporarily this year due to Covid restrictions closing the mall for a few months. Greg was unsure if his business would ever recover from the shutdown. As a local small hobby shop owner, he knew the David and Goliath battle he would be fighting with Amazon once he was able to reopen. He knew the importance that his local hobby shop had to the community. So when it was time for him to open up his doors again in July he did not flinch and took a chance that the community would follow his passion. 


Greg is grateful that his hunch was right and that the community stepped up and showed their support for his store this year. As a token of his appreciation, Greg will be making a donation from Lake City Hobbies to the Christmas Bureau. He would like share the joy he has for RC cars with a lucky child in need this holiday season. 


“Especially during the times we live in now, the RC hobby has provided an outlet for families to reconnect and take a moment away from the stress of today’s environment,” said Nephew.