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Tips and Tricks for Tackling Your Holiday Returns 

Published: 12/28/2020

Plattsburgh, NY – Now that we have cleared through the wrapping paper rubble and the covert swapping of gifts is complete; there may be some presents that didn’t fit right or you received something you already have. Champlain Centre has some tips and tricks on how to conquer your upcoming returns.

  1. Avoid the lines: Wait a few days after the holidays to make your return. Come in during lower traffic times like later in the evening.
  2. Lookup the stores return policy ahead of time: Stores have their return policy posted on their website or even on the back of the receipt. Due to the coronavirus pandemic some stores have made adjustments to their return policy.
  3. Have your ID: Many stores require identification for returns.
  4. Be Patient: Returns are often done on case by case basis. Be kind to the store associate they do not write the companies return policy. They are just trying to help you the best way possible.

Donate: Give back to your community. When you are unable to return items consider donating it to your local charity.